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Tailor-made advice on immigration or acquisition of Belgian nationality

What do we do? is a website dedicated to legal advice. It allows you to obtain clear and tailor-made answers to your questions about immigration in Belgium, in the context of an application for a visa, a residence permit or Belgian nationality“.

– Pauline MOTTET (founder)

Areas of expertise

Family reunification

I would like to live with my family in Belgium.

Belgian nationality

I would like to get Belgian nationality.


I would like to work in Belgium as employee or self-employed.



I would like to study in Belgium.

EU Citizen

I would like to stay in Belgium for more than 3 months.


I would like to come to Belgium for less than 3 months.


I am a British citizen and I would like to stay or to come to Belgium


Change of status

I would like to change my residence permit or to get the EU permanent residence permit.

Personalized support!

Pauline Mottet

For Pauline Mottet, the foundation of any case is carefully analysing your request in order to be able to advise you as best as possible and consider all the options that are available to you.
She, therefore, created Immigration-plan.
She will work with you to find the most appropriate response to your request and your situation.

Why Immigration-plan ?


We have extensive experience providing assistance and advice regarding immigration to Belgium and the acquisition of Belgian nationality.


We are at your service and available for all your requests and questions regarding your immigration process to Belgium.


Whether it’s a small question or a large proceeding, we have a solution that suits your needs.


We make sure that our services and their costs are clear and without any surprise for you.

What our customers say

I had a very pleasant experience with this lawyer. She was very charming and answered all my questions. Overall, very helpful. Highly recommend!

I. G.

I am an American living in Belgium and I am considering long-term residency. Pauline was able to advise me on the right and best steps to take in this process and was very clear in her communication. Her rates are very affordable and she clearly knows the immigration processes available to me. Very satisfied customer! Thank you Pauline!

C. M.

Pauline Mottet is a specialist immigration lawyer who was instrumental in our recent relocation to Belgium. Her knowledge, expertise and experience of immigration in Belgium was evident from our first interaction. She patiently and meticulously guided us through every government procedure and administrative task, with remarkable efficiency and responsiveness, and above all, always with a very friendly and welcoming approach.

What makes Pauline truly unique in the field of immigration law is her genuine concern for her clients, which we felt from the very first moment of our interaction with her. Pauline was not only meticulous in her approach, but also ensured that every step was taken with the utmost care, careful planning and extreme diligence to mitigate any potential risk.

Pauline has a clear ability to navigate complex situations and processes and explain them very clearly, and her communication skills were essential in achieving a positive outcome for us in the shortest possible timeframe. Pauline’s support, prompt responses and remarkable dedication to her profession and clients, combined with her pleasant personality, made the whole (unknown) process much less daunting, and she was always extremely committed to achieving the best possible outcome for us.

For anyone needing advice and support on immigration law and procedures, particularly those looking to move to Belgium, we highly recommend contacting Pauline.

D. A.

Who is it for ?

Immigration-plan answers questions and assists people from all over the world who wish to immigrate and settle in Belgium to start a new life project.